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X2 Pro

  • $299.00

Core Hardware

  • Processor: HUAWEI HiSilicon processor; Format H.264 HD video coding. Low power consumption.
  • Image chip: OmniVision Image Sensor; Excellent video monitoring performance under low light & WDR.
  • Lens: 6-class glass lens and 1 infrared filter with zero distortion; Front cam - 140°wide angel & F1.8 aperture; Rear cam - 120°wide angel & F2.2 aperture
  • GPS: New generation GPS system; High speed positioning

Technology Parameter

  • Wireless module: WiFi wireless module - used for mobile phone; 2.4GHz wireless module - used for remote snap button
  • Storage: Class 10 high spend TF card - maximum of 128GB; Front cam - 2592×1520P image; Rear cam - 1440×896P image; built-in NAND FLASH memory chip; Auto loop recording
  • Video Output: Wireless video output; Support Android/iPhone system; Dual-stream Output – low stream for preview use while high stream for saving, playback and downloading
  • G-Sensor: 3 axis acceleration sensor; Adjustable sensitivity setting via APP
  • Lithium battery or Capacitor: Built-in super capacitor allows video shooting when electricity is turn off.
  • Temperature: -20~70℃

Image Processor

  • WDR: The main chip supports WDR technology – adapt to the brightest and darkest scenario
  • Scenario adaptation: Adapt to different scenarios including backlight, daytime, night time, snowing, raining and etc..
  • Digital image stabilization: Prevent image fuzzy when car shakes
  • 3D Denoising: Eliminate the noise in the situation of low illumination
  • LDC Geometric correction: Remove the fisheyes effects to reduce the barrel-shaped distortion
  • Demist: Prevent image fuzzy in fog whether
  • Image adjusting: Changeable image quality (1440@25fps, 1080@30fps, 720@20fps) by adjusting via APP ; Unchanged image resolution (2590×1520P – front Cam; 1280 X 720 – rear cam)

Social Skill

  • Photo Beautifying: APP supports multiple filters
  • Social network: APP supports “On the Road” socia community
  • Self-driving Dairy: APP supports automatic story editing
  • Photo Sharing: Photos, videos, and slef-driving stories sharing; APP supports multiple social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and etc.)

Peripherals & Interface

  • Voice Input: High sensitivity Mic
  • Voice Output: High power loudspeaker (1w)
  • Power Input: Front cam - 12V@1A~2.1A; Rear cam - 5V@1A~2.1A

Packaging & Accessories

  • Remote Controller: 2.4GHz wireless remote button; LED light indicator; low power consumption
  • Charger: 12V Cigeratte Car charger (Front cam 12V@1A / 12V@2.1A; Rear cam5V@1A / 5V@2.1A)
  • 3M Glue Holder: 3M glue holder; Micro USB charge interface is on the holder; GPS module
  • USB charging cable: 3.5 meters USB charger cable; Standard Micro USB port

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